Communication & Body work


          Deep relaxation & release                                       Loosing blocks

          Experience clearness & trust                                  Free breath

          Hear your inner voice                                             Express your own unique truth

          Coming into trust                                                   New Clearness & Vision


With this attentive, deeply effective and focussed bodywork under the use of several tools all layers of the human being will be touched – to free physical, emotional and mental blocks and to get into a fresh flow of circulation. A deep inner release of old energies, cellular memories and emotions happens.

The recall of the own Inner Truth, of trust and a free breath takes place. You are invited to give new expression to this voice. Within a common constructive communication I give insights into the relation between the symptoms of the body and the causes to show the original roots.

Integrating all individual needs the treatment can be performed soft and powerful according to age and health condition. Assistance for self-help will be provided, a new flow inside and outside develops solvent on all layers. This knowledge I communicate in workshops, groups and private sessions.



Inner truth

in Partnership & Family                                                                        

Love is all you need

women & Mothers


More and more pregnant women search for a relieving loveful support. As mothers who 

wanta time-out in everyday life to find new energy, inner peace and quietness can expect

an individual space adjusted to her personal needs.


Women in general feel a deep wish for their own call of heart and challenge the structures in families. They want to be freed from old patterns and expectations. Together we find the point to start combined with a constructive conversation for a deep inner release. 



Parents, PARTNERShip & FAMILy


Loving parents have many challenges, taking in turns, having short nights and want to get balanced with their jobs. My offer is for both parents as a time-out or short holidays on the Island of Reichenau to relax. release and enjoy. A space for new inner clearness opens , especially when partners want to find back themselves and to face each other out of heart.

A following attendance with short sessions or consultant mobile talks is possible and a grounded support in every day life.