Arts of aloha & healing

The Universal Wisdom 

of Kaua'I Hawai'i, California 

& the Island of Reichenau


Enjoy a precious time-out with the traditional hawai'ian Art of Healing of Ho'ponopono LomiLomi and the Communication & Body Work Inner Truth. You can experience a deep release at unique places to open up for a new beginning in your life, for a shift. It is a return to your true self, to get aware and to express your inner voice – space for inexhaustible possibilities is manifesting. Lightful impulses for healing in connection with personal communication are your energetical guides for your consciousness. 


A connection appears to  Aloha Art & Communication. Aloha Art – a personal picture on canvas for power, clearness and feeling inner peace – and Visual Communication with graphics and text support you on the way to your own origin. 


The Aloha Spirit is the bridge between these three origins because real healing and creation only can happen within our hearts. 

hawai'ian healing

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light transmission

aloha medial art &

visual communication


Sacred Rose Circle | Insel Reichenau

Aloha, this is reminder about our next Sacred Rose Circle on Thursday, 4/28/2022. 

Spaces are limited, so there is room for each participant in a safe setting.


Do you want to connect deeply with your creative power? 

To unleash it we need to

Let go of old cell memories, patterns, programming, limits and trust that anything is possible. Convictions like

I am not good enough' lose their power. If you believe in your creative power, feel it and know about your strength, use it in harmony with the earth and for the benefit of all - the Hawaiians say pono - you can fulfill your destiny and create true miracles. Together we can bring about change.


This year and especially now we can decide what we want to be in this life, who do I want to be in the future, what are my dreams and desires? For higher power and clarity you can empower, nourish, strengthen your trust that everything will reveal itself at the right time in the right place for you with our next Sacred Rose Circle on Thursday, 4/28/2022.


Do you want to be in your primal power?    

To unleash it, we need to let go of old cell memories, doubts, patterns, programming, unresolved issues through tools like the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono for conflict resolution, to let go of experiences as a girl or woman and as a man from our cell memory, to exchange lovingly and to draw new energy. Letting go of limits and trusting that anything is possible. Convictions like 'I am not good enough' lose their power. If you believe in your creative power, feel it and know about your strength, use it in harmony with the earth and for the benefit of all - the Hawaiians say pono - you can completely fulfill your destiny and create true miracles. Together we can bring about change.    


Let yourself be touched - Partnership gives confidence

First of all it is about Sacred Inner Partnership, recognizing and feeling, where we limit ourselves by outdated views from ancient times, drive, condemn, only follow the masculine energy of performance. The masculine power gives us so many beautiful things: care, adoration, nourishment, carrying on hands, gentleness, warmth, softness, stimulation and inspiration, fertilization, power and trust, vital life energy, clarity and courage.  To stay in
touch with each other in daily life, loving communication, to open ourselves to the masculine essence and to be able to simply be in a harmonious partnership.  


That is why the next evening on 28.4.2022 is open to male participants, partners, friends,
for the masculine force, that remains of course your free choice.

 Maria Magdalena & Jesus call to take action

Hang in there and follow your inner call, your intuition. Recognize in all challenges the chance to grow, to free yourself and to always go further. They are like an initiation into your own power and make you creative to look flexibly for other solutions. Solution and joy are our GPS into our own inner balance. The answers are always there when we take time to breathe.
Our Sacred Rose Circles on 3 and 24/3/2022 were a first breakthrough into liberation.
Through a light transmission in guidance with Mary Magdalene and Jesus, you can realign and raise your vibration. We will have a good time that evening and a very personal place on Reichenau Island of Light is reserved separately for us: the Bienenhof - a café in the center of the Island of Light, to which I would like to express my appreciation at this point. Their bees remind us as helping beings to think of the community as well as in our diligence also to think of ourselves.


Our 2nd Sacred Rose Circle in March:

The images I mediated and the beautiful location in the Bienenhof with the host Stefan who was always one step ahead of our wishes, delicious food and teas added their high vibes. Mahalo many thanks also to the Café Initiator Frank for the opportunity and the female presence Yvonne for the heartwarming soup, and of course to the highest leadership and all you participants! 

unique priestess energy

Feel the healing frequencies of the divine femine energy. The dresses are recharged with Light and Aloha. The mermaid spreads inner balance and information from Venus. Mary Magdalene is a tangible being, she pushes us to be the master of our life, to take action and proceed in courage and compassion. Her soul sends out a certain vocal tone and melody to keep the portals open as the whales send their sound into universe. Highest vibes for being the light beamer and to be at service for the highest good.

The personal dresses are unique and handpainted with 100% sustainable, fair-trade colors pigments. Just enjoy a light smooth organic linen dress especially created for you!





Just good vibes: Lightful companions in organic cotton are for women, men, children and babies in different designs. Aloha 'Ohana represents family and soul family – We are one. Created on Island of Reichenau you send and receive love, joy and Aloha of Hawai'i too. The shirts provide energetic protection at your heart level at front and back side
New motifs emerge. The organic cotton touches your skin very softly feeling as wings of a butterfly.
Have fun!

Benefit from

Portals of Light

Lightful places all around the Earth support the shift and connecting that takes place on wonderful Gaia at this moment. Worldwide Cities of Light waiting for us for our healing and growth get concrete more and more. But to bring it in our physical world we ourselves are needed with our physical body, with our hearts to feel and spread love from one heart to another.

One of these spots is the Island of Reichenau – Blessed Land – in the Lake of Constance, South Germany, but there are many Cities of Light starting with New Jerusalem in Sedona to Phoenix Arizona, Mount Shasta California and the Cities of Angels Los Angeles, Hawai'i, Europe and on all continents. The first pictures on canvas are born to transport the healing swinging of these Cities: