ALOHA ART on canvas

Individual unique paintings attend for a new beginning, support inner alignment, power, clearness and joy. All qualities and energies inside of ourselves can be expressed pictorial – Softness, Grace, Thankfulness, Light and Width and endless more.

They act with an healing effect on us, open our heart, are charged with love. The pictures develop themselves. Here some Cities of Light, Hawai'ian topics and lightful friends.

 Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona 

Glastonbury, Avalon, United Kingdom

Mount Shasta, California                                         City of Los Angeles

Laka, Goddess of Hula and Forest

Kanaloa –                             Poliahu –                           Pele –

God of the Ocean                Goddess of the Snow       Goddess of Volcanos' Fire

Graphics & Web

A decision to a new website you always make decision to a new restart and to a step into visibility. It effects a shift and energy boost assumed we engage with full heart and thus sending power and love into universe. 


Under this directive graphic work is a deep energetical way to work with inner boundaries on your destination to a free flow. On the path of growth I offer my holistic support with passion. The own inner truth we carry in our heart finds a clearly expression. It's another possible way to our true self which can be additionally connected with healing impulses of light. 


A longtime experience with Visual Communication provides also creation of logos and any print materials. My view for your potential is included anytime. 







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