the breath of life


My name is Petra Ka'hanu'ola Brockmann.

After learning several Arts of Body and Spiritual Healing life guided me to the ISLAND OF KAUA'I,

Hawai'i, where I completed my learnings in the Traditional Hawai'ian Art of Healing HO'OPONOPONO LOMILOMISM in 2013 and found my own inner roots. Of course learning always go on.

Experiences followed in NOHO LOMI (to sit) and HO'OPONOPONO, a Ritual of Forgiveness deeply connected in Hawai'ian Culture. Here we focus on releasing all energies the body holds and block the flow to get in harmony again, to make pono – to make things right.


A three month stay  in Summer 2017 and the opportunity to support several workshops on KAUA'I and in Germany gifted me with deeper Knowledge in the traditions of Hawai'i. KAUA'I with its Heartbeat and Breath as well as CALIFORNIA and the ISLAND OF REICHENAU became my homelands.




Side by side with Ho'oponopono LomiLomi you will be centered with the Communication & Body Work INNER TRUTH and my creative work ALOHA ART & GRAPHICS. Also as Artist and Graphic Designer you receive an intense attendance on the way to your True Self and into visibility. As a spot of light the Island of Reichenau gives reinforcing and transforming influence.